Quick Facts
Season unknown, Episode unknown
Launch Date July 5, 1994
Founder Jeff Bezos
CEO Jeff Bezos
Headquarters Seattle, WA


Amazon was not always the retail giant it is today, at one point it was just a man, a computer, and his garage. But since its founding in 1994 Jeff Bezos has slowly grown his company into an empire with 14,000 employees. Jeff Bezos took a risk in 1994. He quit his job and went on his way to chasing his dreams with nothing more than an idea and a computer. He wasn’t sure where to start so he made a list of everything and anything he could think of. He came up with 20 items, but like any list not all of them were good ideas so he made a new list.

The top 5 things that would definitely sell: 1. Books 2. Videos 3. Computer Software 4. Computer Hardware 5. Compact Disks

One year later he took his list live online and became one of the first companies to sell goods over the internet. In 1997 to celebrate the unprecedented success Amazon had achieved, and becoming the first to reach the 1,000,000 customer mark, they decided to go public. It was all good news from there.

Notes Edit

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